Sunday, 27 February 2011

0.4 - Mike Lancaster

Book #10 of 50 on the Goodreads Book Challenge

GENRE: Young Adult
PAGES: 304
PUBLISHER: Egmont Books
FORMAT: Paperback
BUY IT: Waterstones
One day Kyle Straker volunteers to be hypnotised by his friend at the annual talent show. When he wakes up the whole town is frozen, even thought time is still moving. Kyle needs to find out what is happening to his friends, family, and the rest of the entire town.

I don't really have a whole lot to say about this book. It left me feeling underwhelmed but not disappointed to the point where I didn't enjoy it. I felt that it completely underrated itself and could have benefited from being longer and more in-depth.

There is a lot of  YA dystopian fiction out there at the moment and this book is perched in the middle. Not bad but... average. I loved the set up; I loved that it is recorded through audio tapes and has notes where (mainly) fictional critics have tried to analyse our present, such as figures of popular culture that have since become redundant. It's actually a great way in introduce younger readers (and older alike) to the way that critics write in journals. These sections also bring humour to a book that should really be rather terrifying and i think it's this that lowers the reading level from YA to teen. The writing itself also felt rather more fragmented than it needed to be.

There isn't really much to it; I know it's supposed to 304 pages, but most of that is blank space if I'm honest. Still, in terms of plot it is certainly worth reading. I would say that it will excite younger teen readers who love aliens and computers and just generally being weirded out, I think they can gain a lot of reading experience  from it. I just feel a little bit spoiled from The Hunger Games

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