Monday, 14 February 2011

Cover Icon Post

So I was a little bored today, as my Valentine had to work, so I made these! I actually made them to replace the covers on my page that list reviews by title. I haven't made anything like this for a loooong time, and they're not brilliant and I might change them soon but I thought I would share them. If anybody wants to use them then do feel free, but please link back to me or leave a credit/link to the page you used them on in the comments box below.





I take absolutely no credit for the photos themselves, or any of the textures used, only the design. I made these as fan art only. If anyone has any recommendations, or personalisations I'd be happy to edit these ones or make new ones for people. It's only a side hobby so I might not be able to do the perticularly quickly, and reviews are still my first priority, but I'd still be happy to do it none the less.

So there's the formalities out of the way; do you guys know of any sites where I can find/add fan buttons? Please let me know in the comments!

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