Friday, 18 February 2011

The Cursed Ones - Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

Book #8 of 50 on the Goodreads Book Challenge

GENRE: Young Adult
PAGES: 480
PUBLISHER: Simon and Schuster
FORMAT: Paperback
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The Cursed Ones, or vampires, have made their presence known to mankind. They promised to help bring peace to the world but then declared war on humanity. The identity of their leader is unknown. Most people are too afraid or unwillingly to take a stand against them. Others, like eighteen-year-old Jenn Leitner, train secretly to become vampire fighters and risk everything in the process. Alongside her is fellow Hunter, Antonio de la Cruz. But Antonio has a secret - he is a vampire fighting on the side of humanity. Jenn must battle with her hatred of all things vampire, and her love for Antonio. For together only they can bring light into the darkness the vampires have drawn over the face of the planet...

The main gist of this story (which will be drummed into you head by the time you've finished) is that an academy in Spain trains people to become hunters to try to rid the world of its overpopulation of vampires. The main team, mentored by Father Juan the priest consists of Jamie, northern-irish military man, hell-bent on destroying everyone in his way. Eriko, the Japanese Buddhist who is the leader of the team. Sky, the English White Witch that can do magick. Holgar, the Dutch werewolf who sometimes attacks people by scratching and biting them. Antonio, the vampire in the team that is impervious to crosses, garlic, churches and all other things that are supposed to upset vampires, and the love of his life, Jenn, the normal American girl who's parents aren't too happy about her being in Spain, and who's Grandparents used to be part of a resistance.

There are parts of this book that have a really great concept, for instance the leader of the vampires appearing on T.V with the president. I wanted to see more of this, the changing dystopia. Instead the book is detirmined to make you see how this group of hunters shouldn't have survived their training, how they are never usually in a group, and how they are never going to get a long. This got on my nerves a lot. It kinda felt like reading a badly written sequal, where you are constantly being reminded of the events of the previous book.

All the exciting events in this book have no real lead-up, they sort of just, happen, and left me having to reread bits to see if I had missed something. I really wanted to like it, it had such a great concept, but it just wasn't everything it should have been. The narration was also all over the place, and could have done with introducting the seperate paragraph with who was actually speaking, as it moves back and forth rather quickly. The flashbacks, especially Skyes, were rather interesting and definitely a redeeming feature of this book. but there were so many different voices it was sometimes hard to get a purchase on the voice of each character.

I would still reccommend the book to anyone who likes an easy read and probably those who love Twilight, even though there isn't as much romance. Or anyone who want's a younger version of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series.

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