About Us

The Night Life
The Night Life is run by me, Bex, a book fanatic who is a self declared cover-junkie. I have a very well tended wall of bookcases and am somewhat of a hoarder. I aquire books from all places, predominately from charity shops and the bookshop in which I work.

I studied English Literature at the University of Northampton, and graduated with a grade that I am rather happy with. I have read everything from 16th Century plays to Harry Potter for my course, and don't consider myself much of a book snob. I love YA lit because it's quick and punchy, and written properly can be enough to challenge the best adult book, but is accessable to almost all ages.

Information for Authors and Publishers
I am more than happy to review books that are sent to me. I don't give good reviews for the sake of it, I will be honest in my opinions, but I do also try to find redeeming features. I also copy the reviews I make here to the Goodreads website. I may not blog as often as other bloggers, and I may not have many 'followers' but I do have regular visitors to my site. Being a Bookseller I also try to read as much as possible for work, so although I may not get around to reviewing every book I read they recommendation will come in another form. I also have an online presence on my Twitter page (@rebeccapoolton).

As you will see through my blog I tend to read YA Paranormal books and this is the area I prefer to stick to. I will obviously put review copies before anything else in my TBR pile, but I may not be able to start reading it the day I recieve it.

If you are interested in sending anything to me, please contact me through my Twitter and I'll happily give you my work address. I am also happy to receive anything from the Reps that come into the store.

For Fans and Other Bloggers
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